Welcome to St. Mary’s Academy Trust...

Our Vision

Jeremiah 29:11 – Plans to Give you Hope and a Future

At St Mary’s Academy Trust our vision is to ensure lifelong learning for all our communities by building a better future together. Our vision is that all are treated as equals.


Every child, Every family and Every day underpins all our work.


Our Approach

Through our curriculum offer, we strive to foster confidence and delight in our pupils, allowing them to seek wisdom and knowledge which will provide them with the skills to shape their lives well.

We aspire for our schools to open up horizons and instil hope for our pupils and guide them to reach their full potential. We understand that pupils will also need to be equipped with the skills of forgiveness and repair to be able to face challenges within their life.

Our curriculum supports children to explore their own ideas and beliefs, develop a moral understanding, a confidence to express appropriate opinions and a respect for each other.

At St Mary’s Academy Trust, we believe in education for all, our pupils, our staff, and our community. Through positive relationships, by demonstrating care and compassion, we enable people to flourish together.


St. Mary’s Academy Trust consists of nine Primary schools, which are based throughout Barnsley. As a Trust, we are passionate about supporting all of our schools in order to make a real difference to our local communities and to help them thrive.

Our Trust does not stop at the school gate. It is our public duty to work alongside our local communities to ensure a better world for all. We have a collaborative approach to learning across our schools and across the region, believing we all have a lot to learn from each other to support our pupils.